The Competition

The Engine Masters Challenge is a competition put on each year by Popular Hot Rodding magazine, where engine builders from across the country build an engine, then bring it to the competition site and dyno it. The engine with the most average horsepower and torque wins. They have two categories for the competition, the Street division and the Xtreme Street division. The Street division has more strict rules, and in doing so, keeps the engine combinations more tame and less expensive. The Xtreme Street division opens up the rules a lot more and allows for the engine builders to really bring some wild combinations to the dyno. For more information on the rules, see the rules page.

Anyone can apply to be in these competitions, however this year they only selected 25 participants for the Street division and 16 for the Xtreme street. UNC Charlotte has be chosen to compete in the Street division of this year’s 2012 Engine Masters Challenge on October 1st through the 5th. You can see a list of the other participants here.

See pictures of the UNC Charlotte crew at the 2012 competition here.

See pictures from this year’s 2012 Engine Masters Challenge here.